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BEAMER: Improved patient adherence to treatment by building a behavioral model


A PROJECT FOR: European Union (IHI program)




Adherence to treatment is still one of the main challenges in healthcare. Adhering to treatment is essential to maximize patients’ benefits of treatment and health outcomes, but also crucial for the healthcare system at large, as lack of adherence has been associated with increasing healthcare costs.


Hence, this project aims to create the BEAMER model, a disease-agnostic behavioural and adherence model to improve the quality of life of individuals and enhance healthcare accessibility and sustainability. 




The BEAMER model is driven by a set of Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology principles, supported by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. The disease-agnostic BEAMER model is optimized by real-life testing involving over 18,000 patients in 18 different pilots from several European countries and across different disease areas.


The model is embodied in an open-source European searchable database available to all stakeholders and adaptable for future developments in healthcare. 


The envisioned result

Our vision is that BEAMER, by providing a behavioural adherence model, will reform the way healthcare is provided by putting the patient at the core of the system. This model will contribute to offering high-value personalized care to increase patients’ adherence to their treatment while decreasing healthcare costs across Europe.



As experts in behavioral science, PredictBy contributes to the following tasks: 

  • Review of existing data and state of the art (co-leader): We explore the existing knowledge in the field regarding models and behavioural theories of adherence through a systematic review of the literature and stakeholder consultation activities. Afterwards, we identify knowledge gaps that the BEAMER model needs to fill and overcome.    

  • Model development, testing and fine-tuning: We develop the conceptual design of the BEAMER model framework while building a living lab to deploy the model for testing and fine-tuning. 

  • Generation of additional data: we construct the instruments for collecting the required additional data. Then, we develop the Specifications Framework and Real-World Data Connectors, determining interfaces between the user and the model.

  • Model framework validation: We validate the BEAMER model through the pilot studies focused on diverse disease areas. 

  • Implementation strategy: We create both guidance on the implementation of the BEAMER framework and cooperating of the roadmap design. 



GATEKEEPER: Connecting healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and elderly citizens through an innovative platform to improve healthcare provision

A project for: European Union (Horizon2020 program)


Improving decision-making to select digital solutions in healthcare provision



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