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NEUROCLIMA: Accelerating systemic behavioural change towards climate resilience


A PROJECT FOR: European Union (Horizon Europe program)




The challenge for decision-makers and policymakers at local, regional, national and European levels is to effectively scale up and accelerate systemic behavioural change towards climate resilience.


To do so, they need insights into relevant social tipping and leverage points. In addition, for effective policy making it is important that they have a better understanding of the needs and concerns of citizens. On the other hand, citizens must understand why certain policy choices are being made.


Therefore, the project aims to bring policymakers and citizens closer together to facilitate a continuous dialogue between the two of them, helping to shape new decisions but also to foster trust and understanding towards rule-of-law institutions.


A social tipping point is the moment when a particular behaviour, idea, or trend reaches a critical mass within a society, leading to widespread adoption or acceptance.

A leverage point in a system refers to a strategic intervention point within the system where a small change can lead to a significant shift or outcome.




NeuroClima establishes a nervous system to monitor behavioural adaptation to climate change ​and assess social tipping dynamics at scale. This system will promptly and effectively monitor critical components, addressing citizens’ concerns, expectations, and challenges to ensure a meaningful transition to climate sustainability.


The nervous system continuously monitors web and social media platforms for emerging trends and discussions on climate-related themes. A comprehensive data-collection and analysis infrastructure, including services and visualisation interfaces, facilitates bottom-up communication, issue identification, and informed policymaking.

In addition, NeuroClima aims to develop a theoretical framework, guiding behaviour change efforts and governance towards climate resilience, proposing metrics, activities, toolkits, and multidisciplinary approaches.


The envisioned result

The envisioned result is a greater collaboration and understanding between citizens and policymakers, from a local to a European level. This will facilitate trustworthy and informed policymaking, resulting in higher awareness and greater societal support for climate change adaptation and resilience solutions.



As experts in data management and infrastructure, PredictBy contributes to the following tasks: 


PredictBy is responsible for the data management plan, quality assurance and risk management plans which ensures high-quality work and safe use of data.


In addition, PredictBy will have a supportive role in the establishment of the nervous system. 



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